Capital Raising


Succession Planning and Selldowns

Monetising your interest in a non tradeable stock or private business requires thorough planning and staging. For an owner/operator of a family owned or tightly held private business, the process quite often involves some of the following actions to effect the first stage of ‘investor readiness’;

• Need for the owner to divorce and extract themselves from day to day operations,
• Need to remove the ‘grey expenses’ i.e the part personal/part business expense items from the P&L,
• Need to cleanse the balance sheet of director loan accounts and other director provision accounts,
• Need to restructure the balance sheet to remove ‘bricks and mortar’ holdings or execute a market based
   property lease if the operating premises are held in personal names,.
• Need to remove and de clutter opaque family trust structures,
• Need to restructure leases and other items with personal guarantees, and
• Need to firm up supply and distribution agreements, employment agreements, tax arrangements and all
  other operational loose ends.

Alpha can assist with identifying and managing the ‘investor ready’ elements and then structure a capital facility to purchase all the business, part of the business or specific assets of the business.
Significantly, Alpha removes the major hurdle and stumbling block in the process. It provides a ready buyer with capacity to complete a transaction.

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