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Our Philosophy

Our Investor Philosophy – direct knowledge, insight and experience


The ALPHA funds have been designed and created through direct and first hand experience of the targeted markets and a thorough understanding of the inherent industry returns. Our Executive Team has a working knowledge of the target market drivers, the market participants and the market developments.

Our investment funds are not the product of actuarial assumptions and abstract financial models. Nor are they the ill conceived or opaque investment schemes sometimes associated with ivory tower corporate financiers.

We do not take investors into the unknown but rather identify and capture the opportunities evolving in the known places through these changing times.
We appreciate the importance of metrics and models but more importantly know how to validate the numbers through direct knowledge of the market, insight and experience.

Our Investments and Business Partner Philosophy

We help good businesses to optimise and monetise value.

Our Executive team has negotiated and managed capital transactions from all sides and perspectives. We have started businesses, built businesses, bought into businesses, sold businesses.
We understand businesses.

Our simple philosophy is that every business stakeholder is on a path to a value exit. Often that exit involves several stages and unless carefully managed and planned can result in a lost opportunity.

We provide our partners with a clear and transparent path and the necessary tools and capital to accelerate the journey.

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