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Executive Team Experience

The ALPHA Executive Team has a depth of diverse transactional experience. Having had team members variously acting as investors, custodians, business owner/ operators and banker/financiers the executive team is not blinkered by a singular or narrowly focused perspective.

Drawing on the Executive Team’s unique insight and first hand experience we are able to identify and achieve successful outcomes focused on growth and value creation.

Managed portfolios of listed equities.
Purchased interests ranging from minority to 100% ownership of privately owned and listed companies.
Targeted and strategically sold listed and privately owned enterprises to banks, listed companies and private investors.
Managed due diligence processes as buyers and sellers both as principal and as advisor.
Established and managed various debt and equity portfolios.
Business Owners/Operator
Founded and developed businesses from idea through to commercialisation, scaled expansion and sale.
Owned and managed diverse businesses including:
Leasing companies
Equipment supply companies
Technology start-ups
Finance companie
International resorts and commercial property
Structured and sourced debt funding, capital and government grants
Recruited hundreds of staff, management and executives
Built and managed national expansions and strategic acquisitions
Directly sold and pitched products and services, finance and capital solutions to all client levels
Managed due diligence processes as buyers and sellers
Directorships on the boards and executive teams of some of the largest listed investment companies in Australia
Managed billions of dollars in investment funds for retail and wholesale investors
Developed regulatory, compliance and risk frameworks
Represented banks and investors on the boards of listed and privately owned companies
Established funding programs for corporate and small business enterprises
Established facilities and SPV’s for off balance sheet equipment funding
Arranged cross border funding structures for corporate participants and originators
Managed due diligence processes as buyers and sellers
Negotiated with various stakeholders, administrators for asset carve outs
Negotiated equity transactions on behalf of banks into privately owned business
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